Scientists Just Like Travellers?

Hello Globetrotters!
For the first post of “News From The World” I was wondering what I could tell you to get some reactions from you. Then, while I was having dinner, on TV started a program I used to watch all the time: VOYAGER.

VOYAGER is an Italian broadcast that explains mysteries, unknown facts and unsolved issues on RAI2 Channel every Monday. This broadcast is recorded in Torino and one of their motto is 
“Until the borders of knowledge”.
Here it comes the idea.
Scientists and travellers have many features in common: usually they are both dreamers, curious and you can’t stop them until they got what they wanted.
Time Travel is always an important matter in scientific field but why don’t we analyze it as the best journey for a traveller?
Tell me what you think after watching the video (Italian language only) or after taking a look to the story of John Titor. True or fake?

  • Lo guardo domani a lavoro e ti posto prontamente un commento!! 😀

  • Mmmmm… Lo sai che sono scettica. L’unica parte che mi ha un po’ lasciato il punto interrogativo sulla fronte è quella in cui dice cosa sarà fatto al CERN e ci azzecca. Bah… Tendente al FAKE 😀

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