The Rapture Concert

Hello Wednesday “rubbernecks”!
On Monday 7th November after coming back from London (I will talk about that very soon) I went to Milan at Tunnel Club to see performing the indie rock/dance punk band “The Rapture“.

One of my favourite.
The concert ticket cost 20€ and the location was very easy to find. 
They started at 10:30 p.m. and the show finished after only 2 hours but it was worth it.
The club was crowded but still livable.
I suggest them to anyone who didn’t listen any of their songs before and to the people who already know them I recommend the live concert because the performance was excellent and the use of instruments made it vibrating.

There’s one more curiosity, this band plays the theme song of the series “Misfits”.

  • Ottimi!!!!!!!! Very Very Cool!!!

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