About Me


My name is Veronica and I’m a 24 years old girl from Torino, Italy.
Talkative, emotional and lively person.

I’m keen on studying abroad and living abroad experiences.
I start traveling when I was a little girl thanks to my parents. And I have no intention to stop visiting the world.

I have a very small family but I’m very attached to them, maybe that’s because I’m an only child.
I have lots of passions: photography, sports, music, motorcycles, movies, museums, food, friends…

I create this blog back in the 2006 when I got accepted in the Exchange Program USA.
I spent my Senior Year (4°anno delle superiori) in the United States and I wrote here my experience month after month. Being an Exchange student when I was only 17 changed my life that’s why I suggest to everybody to study or to have experiences abroad.

Then, February 2012 I thought to write here again about my lovely hometown Torino to open the possibility of knowing better this city so little known.
And this last year, I shared my experience about living in Paris and being an Erasmus.

“Il n’y a que deux endroits au monde où l’on puisse vivre heureux : chez soi et à Paris” – Ernest Hemingway

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